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At Silver Moon Counselling, I offer Person Centred Therapy - a Humanistic Approach that reflects upon the ways in which a person consciously perceives themselves.  I am client-led and do not offer you advice, but trust that the relationship we develop together will allow you to find what you need.


I offer therapy to Adults, Young People and Children (aged 5 years plus) and am comfortable working in a variety of ways.  I can use creative media and Animal Assisted Therapy to help explore and find a way for you to explore your inner world and how this is impacting you.


There are any number of reasons for seeking counselling and therapy, including low self-esteem, a lack of self-reliance and resistance to change and new experiences. These can be experienced by adults, children or young people.  The person centred approach recognises that our relationships (work or home) and the environment in which we live, can impact how we feel and behave, so I offer therapy in a neutral and comfortable setting where you can feel at ease, making you open to learning about yourself.


Working together, I can offer you:

  • Better awareness and understanding of your 'self'. 
  • Increased understanding around your defenses, your coping mechanisms,  insecurity and guilt.
  • The opportunity and ability to trust your 'self' and the decisions which you make.
  • Healthier, more positive relationships.
  • Improvement in how you expressive you as a person and your needs.  
  • A genuine, healthy and balanced sense of change.


This can happen when you are ready and in your own time.

Any questions or concerns?

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Child and Adult Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor

Dawn Hamblett - Dip. Psych. Couns. MBACP

Counsellor / Psychotherapist /

Counselling Supervisor






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